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Add photos to storage

You can add any number of photos into the storage. These photos can be located on any level, i.e. any folder can have any number of subfolders. By default photos are added without password protection. In order to encrypt photos, select them, right-click and select the "Change password" menu item. There are several ways to add photos:

Adding separate photos. In this case, you should select the "Image" menu item and press "Add". A window will appear, where you should select one or more photos to add to the current storage folder.

Adding a folder with images. To do this, select the "Image" menu item and press "Add from folder". A window will appear where you should select a folder to add. All folders from the selected folder including all subfolders will be added to the current storage folder with the hierarchy preserved.

Dragging photos. One more way to add photos to the storage supported by the program is dragging files and folders from Windows Explorer to the storage. When folders are added this way, the hierarchy of subfolders is preserved. When you simply drag a photo or folder using this method, the images are moved instead of being copied. If you want to copy them, you should hold the "Ctrl" key while dragging.

Adding photos using the clipboard. The program supports adding of photos and folders from the clipboard. To add images from the clipboard, select the "Image" menu item and press "Paste".

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