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Password protection

Protecting photos by password is one of the main features of Hide Photos.

Data is encrypted using the AES algorithm with 256-bit keys. You can encrypt the entire storage, individual photos, combine these two methods or use none of them.

Storage encryption. You can encrypt the entire file-container, in this case, you will be prompted to enter the password while opening the storage. Without knowing the password it is impossible to open the storage. While creating the storage, the program asks for a password. If you leave this field empty, the storage will not be encrypted and you wouldn't have to enter the password each time you open it. To password protect an already created storage, you should open it and use the "Storage-Change password" menu item. To remove password protection, you should replace the current storage password with an empty one -- simply do not fill the "New password" field.

Photo encryption. You can set password for individual photos. You can also choose different passwords for different photos. Instead of thumbnails for encrypted photos, a green shield image will be displayed. To set password for the selected photos, use the "Image-Change password" menu. To remove password protection for photos, you should replace the password with an empty one -- simply do not fill the "New password" field. To quickly set a password for all photos in a folder, select the folder and use the "Change password" menu item

Password hints. Since you can use multiple encryption passwords simultaneously, Hide Photos allows you to specify a password hint for each of the passwords. This hint will be displayed after you have entered the password incorrectly a few times. Do not set trivial hints -- it should remind the password to you only and nobody else!

Set current password. The field for entering the current password is located in the main program window under the toolbar ("View with password"). The program attempts to use this password to decrypt photos during various operations -- viewing, copying of images from the storage, rotation etc. If the encrypted photo can be decrypted using the current password, its thumbnail will have a small shield icon.

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