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Hide Photos is not easy but exceptionally easy :) These are the things you should know first.

File-container. All photos moved to Hide Photos will be physically stored in a special file-container with the .HPG extension. The more photos you move to the storage, the larger the file-container will be. This must be considered when choosing a location for your storage.

Encryption in brief. Should you use encryption or not? The choice is yours. You can encrypt the entire storage and then you will be prompted to enter the password when opening it. You can encrypt individual photos and then instead of thumbnails you will see the shield image and you will have to enter the password to view these photos. You combine these methods and use storage encryption and photo encryption simultaneously. You can use different passwords for different photos. If you don't want to be lost in a maze of your passwords, you can specify a certain hint for each of them. When you compose a hint, make sure that it won't help others to guess your password. Do not use trivial hints!

The basics:

Creating storage

Method and tips for creating a storage

Adding photos to the storage

Various methods of adding photos to the storage

Purchase license

Various methods of obtaining a license key.

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