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This chapter describes various program settings. To open the settings window, use the "Tools-Preferences" menu item. The window contains the following tabs:

The "Hide to tray" checkbox is used to specify that the application window should be hidden to tray when you minimize it.
The "Encrypt comments" checkbox enables or disables comment encryption. Comments are encrypted using the same password as the corresponding picture.
The "Close storage when idle time, minutes" checkbox activates or deactivates a feature when Hide Photos can automatically close opened storage when you are away from computer. Useful feature when you forget to close Hide Photos.

Thumbnails. In this tab, you can specify height and width for image previews (thumbnails).

Slide show. The "Delay" parameter is used to specify how long one picture is displayed. You can also choose the effect for switching images or opt to use a random effect. If the random effect is used, it will automatically change when slideshow is displayed.

Languages. This tab is used to change the interface language.

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