Private Photo Album

Private Photo Album - On the Guard of Your Privacy

Have you got photos which are kept secret and not meant for others? I think we all have - it's natural in this digital age and with the powerful photo cameras most of us possess. Where do you keep them? Are you 100% sure that no one can accidentally get access to them? If you hesitate what to answer, then it's worth getting to know about the perfect photo-hiding software.

Download Right Now Your Private Photo Album!

Easy to use

Just drag and drop your private photos to Hide Photos ™, and it will keep them secure.

This private photo album stores the digital pictures you want to protect from others in a securely locked container. It never extracts anything onto the hard drive and leaves no traces on the computer both when you're using the image and after you finish using it. It's protected with a highly secure password. You see the program employs advanced industry-standard AES encryption with 256-bit keys. You will hardly ever find a more reliable means of protection!

The password to your container with secret photos in this private photo album is incredibly reliable. But keep in mind that two is better that one, that's why you can set different passwords for different photos and a separate one for the container. No one will be able to get an unauthorized access to the photos you want to keep secret. The only problem you may face is to forget them. :) But we are sure you won't.

Private Photo Album Software for You

Adding photos and searching within the container are very convenient. The private photo album software works like magic with all image formats - just drag and drop the photos in the folder. That's it! Create the unlimited amount of folders and keep as many photos secret as you wish. You may even write your own comments for the photo and set tags for each one and then search by those tags. To be able to do that, you will need to enter the correct password in order to search for photos by their descriptions.

Nice Layout

Hide Photo Main Screen

The photo viewing opportunities of the program are really large. The built-in full-screen photo viewer, as well as the quality slide show with the opportunity to select a random transition effect from hundreds possible make the private photo album a universal program for a really devoted photographer. And its user interface available in many foreign languages makes working with the program even easier and more comfortable.

So, the private photo album solves all the problems which the owner of a huge and various photo collection and numerous secret photos might have. You don't have to worry any longer about protecting your secret photos from other people. This software will do all the work for you! Hide Photos software is an ideal safe for them.